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Why I finally deleted the Facebook app from my phone

by admin_birgitta23
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I was reading an article on Mashable recently discussing life without the Facebook app on an iPhone.  So, as a result of what I read, I did what I thought was unthinkable: I deleted the Facebook app from my phone.

The article suggested that among other things it would improve the battery life of my phone, so I was curious if not having the app would help extend the dismal battery life of my iPhone 6S. But I was also starting to wonder if there might be other, less obvious, benefits too.

I hit delete, and I haven’t looked back. In truth, I rarely saw anything I cared about in my News Feed, and I rarely posted anything at all from my phone (I hate typing on my phone, it makes me feel klutzy). Instead, I would see endless memes, annoying advertisements, and political posts.

I full disclosure, I should note that I haven’t purged Facebook from my life entirely. After all, Facebook marketing is a service that I provide to my clients, and I can’t do that if I eradicate Facebook entirely.

I still log in from my laptop about once or twice a day to quickly scan my News Feed and perform the appropriate services I am hired for. I just don’t use the app on my phone anymore. I now feel slightly less addicted.

When I first deleted Facebook, I figured my little experiment wouldn’t last. But I was happy to find that not only do I not miss it at all, I actually feel happier without it.  I’m not alone either. A recent study found that increased Facebook use was a predictor for declining physical and mental health Facebook is literally making us more unhealthy and unhappy.

Now, I’m not saying we should give up on social media entirely. I still use Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram, and WhatsApp to keep up with friends. And, my work obligations aside, I’m perfectly happy to spend a few minutes looking at my News Feed every once in awhile.

As far as battery life is concerned, I cannot say for sure that it improved.

But I no longer feel the urge to open Facebook just for the sake of something to do. My addiction has been broken and it’s all because I deleted the app. I suggest you try it sometime, too.

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