When I choose Results Marketing to help develop the internet marketing and social media strategy to launch my book, I thought I would get basic internet marketing support. Well, I got that and much more! Results Marketing worked side-by-side with me to redesign my website. In two hours, the look and feel was dramatically improved. They also evaluated all my social media sites and gave me great input to increase traffic. More importantly, Birgit offered a wealth of knowledge on branding, general marketing, and book launch strategies. Results Marketing is the total package when it comes to marketing! The owner is highly credentialed in her field, extremely responsive, a first-rate professional, and a delight to work with. I could not recommend Results Marketing more highly. I have complete confidence in the owner and her team as consultants who can and will add tremendous value in every aspect of traditional marketing and internet marketing. I look forward to partnering with her as I continue to build the brand for my business. If you're looking for someone to help you get great results with your internet marketing strategy, do yourself a favor - stop looking. Call Results Marketing!
Karen McNeilAuthor, Speaker
Birgit Rickert of Results Marketing has been a phenomenal asset to my business. She analyzed my web presence and found several items that needed improvement. I trusted her completely with many things that I did not know much about, and I'm more than glad that I did! Some of the results I have been getting because of her efforts and expertise: 1) My web site (stepupmusicvallejo.com) now shows up in local listings, even comes out on top in some! 2) Articles, photo content etc are search-able. 3) She made a great looking video for my title page and redid it as soon as an event had past--in order to keep it up to date! 4) She consulted me in matters of representing myself better, as well as 5) did all the leg work with various search engines to make people find my business. 6) And the most important result is this: My phone has been ringing off the hook. Since Birgit did her magic for my site, I have gotten about 40% more inquiries and 96% of these have turned into happy clients. And it has only been a few weeks! Birgit is extremely detail oriented, nothing slips her attention. She is upbeat, professional, very patient and all around a joy to work with. I recommend her services highly.
Ariane CapAuthor, Blogger, Music Instructor
Ms. Rickert of Results Marketing taught me the fundamentals of how prospects would find my website which was not getting any traffic at all. She helped me with my keyword research, restructure and SEO'd my website. Since applying all the magic Birgit taught me my site is now getting 300 -500 visitors a week and I am getting sales for the first time. I am so happy with the help I received and would highly recommend Results Marketing to anyone! It was well worth the small investment I made to hire her as my consultant. She went way beyond my expectations.
Kevin Baumgartneronline store owner
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