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How to Rank Higher Than Your Competitor

by admin_birgitta23
in SEO
Learn How to Rank Higher Than Your Competitor Here is a statement I hear all the time. “No matter what I do, my competitor is ranking higher in the SERPs than I.  What can I do?” That is a very good question. So let me share with you this article I just found, hopefully, it will help. This content was originally published here. Yes, You Can Do SEO Yourself, it Just Takes a Bit of Know-How and Patience. SEO is not rocket science. SEO is more akin to plumbing. Anyone can learn how to fix a sink by watching a […]

8 SEO Trends That Will Dominate 2018

by admin_birgitta23
I was just wondering what Google has in store for us for the year 2018 when I came across this write-up in Search Engine Land, my favorite go-to publication all things concerning marketing online. Search Engine Land writes: With over 200 factors in Google’s algorithm, SEO is a complex science. But it’s not how much you need to know that makes it really challenging — it’s the ever-changing nature of the rules of the game. As search engines strive to improve the quality of search results, some ranking factors shift shapes, others fall into oblivion, and completely new ones arise out of nowhere. […]