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how to create better Facebook ads

How to Create a Better Facebook Ad

by admin_birgitta23
I published “how to create a better Facebook ad” originally on my other website – – a site devoted to aspiring online entrepreneurs.  But this article is pertinent for this website as well, so here it is: How to create a better Facebook ad is a question I get asked a lot. And, although creating an ad on Facebook may look easy, an attractive and engaging Facebook ad is the result of a combination of effective strategies. No advertisement can be declared to be perfect as some ads work better than others due to various reasons. The competition in […]

How to Leverage PowerPoint Presentations for Greater Online Exposure

by admin_birgitta23
File sharing is a fairly well-known SEO strategy but generally, people think about sharing videos, pdf and image files.  But did you know that you can also share your PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) files? For those not familiar with the concept, PPT submission is the act of sharing/uploading a PPT (Microsoft Powerpoint Files/Presentation Files) to websites that allow the users to do so (see a list of sites below). PPT presentations are seen as highly relevant content that has visual and graphic assets. The Benefits of PPT Submission: Submitting PowerPoint presentations on various websites will help your website and brand gain massive […]