What is Social Media

There are many types of Social Media, as the illustration below shows, ranging from social networking sites, bookmarking sites, review sites, image and video sharing sites, just to name a few.

Social Media Marketing

No type of social media platform is completely unique from others, as they continually adjust their functionalities to copy what others do, and to offer more to their users.

What's important is understanding all the differences, and how it can benefit your business.

Our social media marketing package will include the appropriate venue(s), the set-up and then you decide where to go from there. You have the option of doing your own social media marketing, have us do it for you, or both.

What is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, or SMM, is an important segment of internet marketing that utilizes social media networks to get website traffic, connect with customers or clients and attract attention to your business.

Social media marketing

could be considered the digital form of "word of mouth" marketing since sharing content is the primary activity. The sharing aspect is often referred to a viral marketing.

Why Hire Us?

No other form of online marketing can consume as a large portion of your time and not give you a measurable ROI. That's why when you hire us, we:

1) Start with learning what your business’ goals are.

Starting a social media marketing campaign without a clear vision of what you want to accomplish is like wandering through a strange city without a map—you’ll only end up lost.

We'll work with you to identify:
• What are your goals? Traffic, more sales, build your brand, etc.?
• Who is your target market
• Where would they hang out, and how would they use social media?
• What message do you want to send to your audience?

2) Design a strategic marketing plan
Once we've defined the strategy we'll develop your unique social media marketing plan that includes creating accounts on the desired platforms, and content gathering and creation in a variety of media.

3) Implement, track, and make adjustments, if necessary
Only by establishing your goals can you measure your social media ROI using analytics.