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What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO) simply put is the process of making sure that the search engines will find and present your webpage when someone searches for a specific term, or as we call it by keyword or keyword phrase.

The goal is to get your web page ranked as highly on page one - organically - as humanly possible.

Many website owners do not "get" that prospects do not search for them by their business name or URL of their website. They forget that new prospects most likely are not already aware of their business presence. Nor do they understand that getting ranked on page one of Google or Bing will yield in phone calls to the business.

Being listed at the top of page one not only provides the greatest amount of traffic to your website, phone calls, or visits to the business but also instills trust in consumers as to the worthiness and importance of the company.

All major search engines operate on the same principles sending out automated search bots to crawl the web, follow links, and index content in massive databases. However, this artificial intelligence has many technical limitations that can cause major problems with inclusion and rankings. A good SEO specialist is aware of them and knows how to optimize a website to help the search engine robots do their job.

One important aspect of

Search Engine Optimization

is making your website easy for users AND search engine robots to understand. Even though search engine bots (spiders) have become more sophisticated, they still can't see and understand a web page the same way a human can. SEO helps the engines figure out what each page is about, and how it may be useful for users.

There are 2 aspects to Search Engine Optimization:

  • On-site SEO -- the things we can do to help the search engine robots find, index and love your webpages

  • Off-site SEO -- this involves building links to your website through various means, as well as other traffic driving strategies.
  • What is Local Search

    Local Search, also known as map marketing is the process of getting your business listed on Google, Bing and Yahoo maps.

    The goal of any local business marketing strategy should be to gain one of the top 3 spots on the Google map, as well as on Bing and Yahoo!

    Additionally, buyers search the web from many different places. There are thousands of websites and directories where businesses can create free business listings. Some you may already have heard about include Yelp, Merchant Circle, Local, Internet Yellow Pages, Smart Pages, Hotfrog, Angi, etc. Many of these directories also allow for consumers to leave reviews for the business they have dealt with.

    Each new listing created increases your chances of being found by new customers or clients.

    The process goes hand in hand with general SEO, and as with SEO, the tasks are complex and the rules keep changing. This is best left to a professional.

    Here are the typical action steps we take to get your website ranked organically and on the map:
    • Keyword and Category Research
    • Competition Research
    • Website Content Optimization
    • Website Image Optimization
    • Link Building through various channels
    • Traffic Generation through channels
    • And numerous other task as determined by competitor research
    Due to the constant changes in the ranking game it is vital that a search engine specialist stay current and know what he/she is doing.

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