How to Leverage PowerPoint Presentations for Greater Online Exposure

Lesser known strategy for greater online exposure

How to Leverage PowerPoint Presentations for Greater Online Exposure

File sharing is a fairly well-known SEO strategy but generally, people think about sharing videos, pdf and image files.  But did you know that you can also share your PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) files?

For those not familiar with the concept, PPT submission is the act of sharing/uploading a PPT (Microsoft Powerpoint Files/Presentation Files) to websites that allow the users to do so (see a list of sites below). PPT presentations are seen as highly relevant content that has visual and graphic assets.

The Benefits of PPT Submission:

Submitting PowerPoint presentations on various websites will help your website and brand gain massive online exposure, not to mention garner great SEO benefits. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to gain:

Build and diversify relevant backlinks (he who has the most relevant backlinks wins the ranking game)

  • Great (free) online exposure
  • Laser-targeted viral referral traffic
  • Improved Lead conversion
  • Dominate a niche or topic
  • Easily shareable 
  • Boosts your SEO campaign
  • Brand building
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Let me elaborate further:
7 + 1.  Seo Strategy to Build and Diversify Backlinks

Submitting your PowerPoint presentations to PPT sharing sites is an excellent SEO* (search engine optimization) strategy for building backlinks to your website and link diversification. It is much easier to rank on PPT submission sites.  Ranking organically on search engines through SEO is tough and takes time due to the high level of competing websites as it still is the traditional method, which is why SEO specialists such as myself love this tactic. PPT Submission/Search engine sites are still non-saturated and have less competition. We also like to use this tactic to diversify links as well. Acquiring a portfolio of high PR PPT backlink will improve a website's rankings quickly.  But spread your efforts out, don't build thousands of backlinks a day and then never again.  The new mantra is, make it look natural in Google's eyes. Optimizing your PPT with the relevant keywords and description could help your content climb to the top position inside a PPT search engine. The web spiders and bots are smart enough to analyze the content of the PPT files. The key to success is to provide quality PPT which indicates/represent your brand or website. Look for PR6 and above PPT submission sites to help you boost your SEO campaign.

2 + 8. Great Online Exposure to Build Your Brand

Need to build your brand and brand authority?  No problem, PPT submissions expose your brand and it's authority right inside your presentation. Including a call to action in your PPT will add a lead capturing funnel for follow-up campaigns or drive traffic to your desired destination.

3 + 4. Laser-Targeted Viral Referral Traffic and Lead Conversion

The PPT that you’ve submitted to a submission site could drive laser-targeted viral traffic to your site since these types of sites have millions of active monthly users looking for specific content.  This enhances the possibility of exposing your PPT and visual content to the sizeable laser-targeted audience.  The more visits to get to your PPT, the higher the conversion will be.  Re-purpose your PPT and use it for a follow-up piece in your lead nurture campaigns.  You can also save your PPT as a PDF and upload it to all of the PDF sharing sites for extra exposure.

6. Easily Shareable Across Multiple Devices

The PPT/PDF are portable across multiple devices which makes them very sharable. It is a great option for global exposure.

9. Affiliate Marketing

The combination of affiliate product and PPT file creation could do magic for your affiliate marketing business, increasing your affiliate commissions.

*SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the organic method to boost the website presence in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

By now I am sure you would like to know where to find those PPT submission sites, so here they are:

Top 18 PPT Submission Sites for 2018

There is a huge PPT submission sites list available online. But the sites I am sharing with you here all have good PageRank (PR) score, which is an important aspect to this effort. The domain authority and page authority play an important role in the SEO game.

How to get started

Here are some tips on how to create great PPT presentations:

  • Compile great content first
  • Create a quality PPT focusing on content (text and images) and design
  • Save your PPT with the keywords/topic you’re targeting (your products or services)
  • Find Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords to post in the description for niche targeting
  • Avoid using other brand’s trademarks and copyrighted material including logos in your PPT
  • Include a watermark of your brand/website to avoid your content getting stolen
  • Don’t spam and post the irrelevant content and trick the internet user in any way
  • Always credit the resource with the respective authors and makers to make it look genuine
  • Participate in the website activity by commenting on the neighbor’s PPT and presentations
  • Don't over-due it. Posting too often in a short period of time in a PPT search engine hub could blacklist/ban you sometimes.
  • I hope this article has been of help to you gaining more online visibility and getting your website ranking higher in the search engines.  Stay tuned for another article coming soon on social bookmarking sites.

Meanwhile, if you have questions or need help feel free to contact us through our website.

Happy Online Marketing from the team of Results Marketing

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