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Google Announces Major Changes Again

by admin_birgitta23
Oops- Google is at it again! Last week at the Google Performace Summit the search engine giant announced major changes to its biggest products. New features for Google Maps and local search , Analytics and AdWords are scheduled to debut over the next few months; with the promise that the proposed changes will help small business owners better target their digital marketing to local customers and smartphone users. Jerry Dischler, Google’s vice president of product management, said in his keynote speech that mobile devices have erased the “dividing line between the digital world and the physical world.” He also said that […]

How to Boost Your Local and Organic Rankings

by admin_birgitta23
in SEO
Looking for ways to get higher rankings in the search engines? Build a good portfolio of high quality and authority backlinks. A good portfolio of backlinks* is hugely important in search engine marketing, for local and organic SEO. Even with the barrage of zoo animals Google has thrown our way that hasn’t changed for years, and it’s unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. What has changed however, is how we get links, whether that’s building them, requesting them, earning them, or even buying them. Building a “naturally looking” link portfolio is the key and high authority links are in […]
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